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About Cancor Rathole


Incorporated in 1990, Cancor Rathole Inc. is a privately owned company which does work in B.C, Alberta, N.W.T and Yukon Territory.


We are an innovative company, making use of the latest technology and continually updating our fleet of 9 drills and support equipment.


We now offer well cementing through Cancor Pressure Cementers inc.


Our Services

Along with our 9 drills, is a Watson 3110TM capable of drilling to depths of 160 ft. (48.8 m)












3 Air Hammers with Air Hammer combo trailers

Steel pipe culvert sales - All sizes and volumes

Contact Us
Rathole Drill Side By Side #2.jpg

Located in Fort St. John, British Columbia


Head Office: Box 6646, Fort St. John, B.C V1J 4J1


Office:  (250) 787-5555

Fax:     (250) 787-5504


Operations Manager: Lyle Fenton                           

Cell Phone: (250) 787-3943



Field Superintendent: Adam Stebing

Cell Phone : (250) 263-7159


President: Daryll Hosker




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